Program/Project Management

Program Management

Programs require a higher level of knowledge, skill, and rigor and normal projects. Ally specializes is large, complex projects and programs reducing risk, improving time-to-completion, and communication. OUr experience ranges from multi-project programs to large-scale infrastructure, government, and industrial initiatives. See what Ally can do for you.

Project Management - SDLC

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) has been the mainstay of project management for eons, dating back to the Great Wall of China to modern day chip manufacturing, robotic, air traffic control, and many more. Our team's experience includes over 100 years of SDLC project work, including phase-gates, solid requirements management, change management, and communications. Whether you're looking for improving your methodology, managing projects, or increasing your teams' performance, we'll help you reduce risk, improve communication, and deliver faster!

Agile/Hybrid - Project Management

The evolution of Agile project management methodologies has revolutionized many modern-day projects. For many projects, it means faster time-to-market, more client involvement, and more tangible results. Many of our clients are migrating to a hybrid style of project management, integrating Agile into SDLC to capture benefits from both styles. Call us today to discover how Agile and hybrid methodologies can improve your teams' performance.

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