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The Executive Series brings serious white papers and articles designed for organizaitonal executives. Based on the works of some of the greats ranging from Maslow, McGreagor, Vroom, Flamholtz & Randle, and many others, Ally presents innovative yet sound principles to each article.

Managing Task Interdependencies - Building a Culture of Performance

Managing task interdependencies is one of the most challenging aspects of project management. A recent study indicated that 70% - 80% of project changes can be attributed to internal (and controllable) issues, not client issues. Projects are likely the least understood of the work endeavors performed in organizations. Unlike other organizational endeavors, projects form a complex network of activities. Properly managing these interdependencies substantially improves project quality and execution. 

Project Management vs Managing Projects - The Issue of Training

A few months ago, I read an article on LinkedIn entitled, The PMP – How it Ruined Project Management which compelled me to respond quickly. In my response The PMP – How it Ruined Project Management – A Follow-Up, I noted a cultural shift...

Why Focus on Culture?

There’s been an explosion in the field of organizational culture over the past decade. My research suggests that the interest in this field began in earnest with the 2008 recession and has focused primarily...

In this article, we explore the concept of organizational culture as it applies to productivity, specifically project work.

The Value of High-Performance Teams

Many experts have proclaimed the value of high-performance teams… myself included. Some time ago, I decided to run some numbers to see potential results. Those results surprised even me.

In this paper, we examine the effects of high-performance project teams on the organization’s bottom line. Specifically, we examine two overall effects: project duration and product quality. Under project duration, we divide the analysis into three sub-categories:...


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